Between Cultures – Art

BALI STUDIO in UBUD at Ayung River


The  studio is located at one of the most magnificent spots of the island of BALI which inspires my artwork since more than 30 years.

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Location of the studio in Ubud at Ayung river


The studio and home is surrounded by paddies and coconut palms,the river AYUNG and its sound.

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Ceremonies in BALI


Trance Ceremony in “Paksebali vilage” at Hari Raya Kuningan.

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“Enso” a circle for meditaion

  Shooting of the Film in the BALI STUDIO 2013 My “COLOUR WINDOW No. 2/2012/Sydney” I see as a METAPHORE, a window, giving sight and pointing towards the unknown VOID, the mystery of the non-expressible, the secret is hidden symbolically in the blank white centre.

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