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1945 Born Munich, Germany. Lives in Bali and Sydney

  • 1970-76 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Diploma
  • 1976 1968-82 Teaching arts in Munich in public schools and college
  • 1982 Started to live and work in Bali, Indonesia with his own studio.
  • 1982-84 Teaching at Academy of Fine Arts in Jakarta
  • 1986 Teaching at Federal University of Para in Brazil.
  • 1994-95 First studio in Sydney 2002 Started to live and work in Sydney


2014     Goethe Institut San Francisco

Galerie Radowitz Munich , Germany

  • 2013 Galerie Seidlstrasse 4 Murnau, Germany Galerie Tony Raka Ubud-Mas, Bali
  • 2012 Galerie Radowitz Munich,Germany
  • 2011 KAZARI Collector Gallery Melbourne, Australia
  •           Kunst Buero Berlin Berlin, Germany
  • 2010 Tony Raka Gallery Ubud-Mas, Bali
  •           Galerie Seidlstrasse 4 Murnau, Germany
  • 2009 GAYA Gallery Ubud-Sayan, Bali
  • SINSIN Fine Art Hong Kong, China
  • 2008 Tony Raka Gallery Ubud-Mas, Bali
  •            Galerie Seidlstrasse 4 Murnau, Germany
  • 2007 Gosford Regional Gallery Gosford,
  • Australia Goethe Institut Sydney,Australia
  • 2006 GoetheHaus Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2005 Plum Blossoms Gallery Hong Kong, China
  •            Whitebox-Kultfabrik (retrospective) Munich, Germany
  •            Gaya Gallery Bali, Indonesia
  • 2004 Goethe Instititut Hong Kong, China
  • 2003 Winsor Gallery Vancouver, Canada Arthouse Gallery Sydney
  • 2002 Wetterling-Teo Gallery, Singapore
  • 2001      Galerie Brennecke, Berlin
  • 2000      Goethe Institut Sydney, exhibition for the Olympic games
  • 1999       Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
  • 1998       Gallery East, Perth, Australia
  •                  Galerie K. Braun, Stuttgart, Germany
  •                  Galerie BRennecke, Berlin
  • 1997        Taipei Fine Arts Museum ,Taipei, China
  • 1996       Goethe Institut Sydney
  •                 Galerie Heseler, Munich
  •                 Alte Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg, Germany
  • 1995       National Gallery, Jakarta


Solo Shows from 1977 to 1995 in Amsterdam, Augsburg, Bali, Bandung, Basel (one man show 1990), Belem, Geneva, Berlin, Hong Kong, Hall, Jakarta, Landeck, Melbourne, Munich, Murnau, New York, Paderborn, Rhede, San Francisco, Ruesselsheim, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Vancouver, Vienna and  Zurich.


1974     Engelhornstiftung, Maler u. Zeichner bei R.Troeger       Munich, Germany

1980     Rathaushalle, Muenchner Kuenstler in Galerien                                 Munich

1982     Galerie der Kuenstler, Erste Jahre der Professionalitaet                     Munich

1983     Rathaushalle u.  BMW Galerie,Isar                                                          Munich

Lothringerstrasse13, Kunst in Haidhausen                                                          Munich

1984     BMW Gallery (with11 Artsis from Indonesia)                                        Munich

1984-90   Kunstverein                                                                          Ebersberg, Germany

1989       GalerieHasieber&Roth  (four artists)                                                       Munich

1985-90             Kunst im Schloss                                                       Wertingen, Germany

1994     Australian Contemporary Art Fair A.C.A.F.4                       Melbourne, Australia

1995    Nippon Contemporary Art Fair (Participation)                                   Tokyo, Japan

Four Artists”, Jain – Maronouchi Gallery                                       New York, U.S.A.

1996     Australian Contemporary Artfair  A.C.A.F.5                          Melbourne, Australia

1997     International Artfair,N.I.C.A.F                                                       Yokohama, Japan

1998         West Lake Art fair                                                                        Huangzhou, China

Australian Contemporary Art Fair A.C.A.F.6                                     Melbourne,Australia

1999     International Art Fair N.I.C.A.F                                                                          Tokyo

2000     Australian Contemporary Art Fair A.C.A.F. 7                                     Melbourne

2001     Asian Contemporary Art Fair                                                                         Singapore

2002     Australian Contemporary Art Fair A.C.A.F                                             Melbourne

2003     Asian Contemporary Art Fair                                                                         Singapore

2004     International Art Fair                                                                       Guangzhou, China

2005     Asian Contemporary Art Fair                                                                          Singapore

International Artfair                                                                              Moskow, Russia

International Art Fair                                                                           Guangzhou, China

Australian artists, Ling Nan Exhibition Hall                                                   Guangzhou

1. Bali Biennale, summit event                                                                        Bali, Indonesia

2006     Participation at the Biennale of Jakarta                                   Jakarta, Indonesia

Participation at the Mosman Art Prize show                                                              Sydney

Invitation to the REDLANDS-WESTPAC Price show                                              Sydney

2010       Finalist in the BLAKE PRIZE                                                                          Sydney

2011     Biennial exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery 7 Museum                             Sydney

2013     Groupshows in HongKong astSINSIN FINE ARTS,




 Municipal Collections of Ebersberg, Hall (Tirol) Austria and Wertingen; Municipal Gallery, Munich (Lenbachhaus); State Gallery of Modern Art; Munich; Staatliche graphische Sammlung, Munich; Embassy of Germany, Jakarta; HYPO-Kulturstiftung, Munich; Collection of the Hypo Vereinsbank; Commerzbank; Girocreditbank (Austria);Kreissparkasse Ebersberg;  Ministry of Education & Arts Vienna; Dr. Earl Lu Collection, Singapore; Volksbank Laupheim,National Art Gallery, Jakarta;. Alila Hotel, Jakarta; Duta Museum, Jakarta ; Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA),Bali.; Neka Museum of Arts, Bali; Goethe Institut Jakarta;Quantas and British Airways, 1st class lounge, Bangkok International Airport. Crown Casino Hotel, Melbourne; Sebel Hotel – Pier One, Sydney, Begawan Giri and Four Seasons Resort, Bali, Maerkisches Museum Witten/Ruhr, Germany

AWARD:          “Works of Excellence”, China Art Expo, 1995.

MOMA, Museum of Modern Art New York opened a file on Dittmar’s work, 2000

FILMS:       2005 an interview with German  Journalist F. Hildebrand was made 45 min.

(as DVD in the book)

 2013 a film was made in the BALI studio by Mika asamoto see:, 20min

1995  Peter Dittmar “Ein Kuenstler bei der Arbeit”  made by Unterrichtsmitschau der Universitaet Muenchen

MUSIK:  Australian composer Robert Lloyd made a composition “A SONG FOR FIVE CONTINENTS” in cooperation with Peter Dittmar for the installation”FIVE WALLS FOR FIVE CONTINENTS” at the GOETHE INSITUT SYDNEY for the  OLYMPIC GAMES 2000.

Italian composer Marcello Mazzoni made a composition called “CONSERRERE’ about paintings from P. Dittmar in year 2000


2009   Catalogue “COLOUR WINDOWS”  by SINSIN FINE ARTS, Hong Kong

2005   Book “Between Cultures” , for retrospective in Munich

2003    Catalogue “AIDA-The space Between”, Singapore-Bali,

1995     Book “Here and Now pausing to reflect”, Bali

1993     Catalogue, “Transcollagen und Kalligraphien”, Munich – New York

1988    Catalogue “Transcollagen”, Munich

1979     Catalogue, “Aktionslandschaft”, Munich