Between Cultures – Art

Solo show in MUNICH, 16th September till November 15th 2015 at MAX PLANCK SOCIETY

Colour Disc No 1 2014 Bali 100 diam.

Next solo exhibition will be held at MAX PLANCK SOCIETY head quarters in MUNICH to be open on 16th September and will run till 15th October. The opening is at 6.30pm , Hofgarten Str.8, Munich

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BALI STUDIO in UBUD at Ayung River


The  studio is located at one of the most magnificent spots of the island of BALI which inspires my artwork since more than 30 years.

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ZEN painting – the film BETWEEN CULTURES

Concentrating on Enso

The film, made by Japanese Mika Asamoto  shows the working process  in the BALI STUDIO of creating a COLOUR WINDOW PAINTING with an “ENSO” PAINTING

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Location of the studio in Ubud at Ayung river


The studio and home is surrounded by paddies and coconut palms,the river AYUNG and its sound.

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AS ONE film of Mika Asamoto with team


Mika Asamoto from Japan  and her film crew from Indonesia were shooting at my studio in January 2013. Mika is a rewarded film maker from Japan who has amongst others made documentaries about Annie Leibovitz and Canon cameras.

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1999 “Art links People” installation at Galerie Mathias Kampl Munich 1999 “Nullarbor” installation at Australian Ar Fair, Melbourne 2000 “Art links People” installation in Singapore 2000 “Five walls for five continents” at GOETHE INSTITUT Sydney for the Olympic games   2002 “Art links People” installtion at ALILA HOTEL Jakarta 2005 “Air fire and earth”installation at […]

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My books and catalogues

Horizontal Triptych/2012/Bali

 Books and Catalogues: 2009   Catalogue “COLOUR WINDOWS”  by SINSIN FINE ARTS, Hong Kong 2005   Book “Between Cultures” , for retrospective in Munich 2003    Catalogue “AIDA-The space Between”, Singapore-Bali, 1995     Book “Here and Now pausing to reflect”, Bali 1993     Catalogue, “Transcollagen und Kalligraphien”, Munich – New York 1988   […]

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Retrospective Munich 2005


In 2005 PETER DITTMAR had a retrospective in downtown MUNICH in the WHITE BOX, an exhibition hall of 1000 square meters. He showed in a survey 70 paintings form 45 years of work. The paintings were representing his different styles or ways of expression from LANDSCAPE to GESTURE PAINTINGS o ABSTRACT CALLIGRAPHY. The opening saw […]

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Solo exhibition 2013 at Tony Raka Gallery in Ubud



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Ceremonies in BALI


Trance Ceremony in “Paksebali vilage” at Hari Raya Kuningan.

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Films about my paintings


  The camera man with Mika Asamoto shooting.  

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“Enso” a circle for meditaion

  Shooting of the Film in the BALI STUDIO 2013 My “COLOUR WINDOW No. 2/2012/Sydney” I see as a METAPHORE, a window, giving sight and pointing towards the unknown VOID, the mystery of the non-expressible, the secret is hidden symbolically in the blank white centre.

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Solo exhibition HONG KONG at SINSIN Fine arts


SINSIN FINE ARTS at 1 Princess Terrace HK Central 2009 Peter Dittmar had his 4th solo show in Hong Kong at SINSIN FINE ARTS Gallery . Previous shows at GOETHE INSTITUTE HK and PLUM BLOSSOM GALLERY

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